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A Promising Interview

Hello! It’s been a few week since my last blog. Took some time for the holidays then got busy getting the design studio package ready for the future homeowners of Genova.


However last Saturday NBC-2 did an exclusive story that I think deserves to be written about.


You can find a link to the story if you click “Here”!

The video is courtesy of NBC2 Ft. Myers.


The video, courtesy of NBC2 Ft. Myers, is an interview of Estero’s Vice-mayor Howard Levitan and Genova’s designer/builder Jim Wallace about the upcoming Village of Estero Town Center and the collaboration of City Council, citizens and developers that made it possible.


The video also features an aerial from Genova’s virtual reality tour. And for someone who has seen it dozens of times, it still looks incredible!


Definitely precedent-setting.


I thought the best part of the interview was how a group of six developers collaborated with the village councilman and staff to create the new tiered “incentives” plan for future land use planning.


When the Community Planning Initiative was first introduced in May 2015 there was a lot of push-back because it was too restrictive…too “one-size-fits-all’.


But the village, citizens and developers rolled up their sleeves at a series of workshop meetings to craft the skeleton of a new, more flexible approach to future land use.


The concept is built around a menu of things the city elders would like to see integrated into the town center area.


It’s a huge step towards creating the dream of an urban-style Estero village center. It gives the Village Council a tool to encourage developers to add enhanced streetscapes, high-quality architecture, more connections, more green-space, more mixed-use…more approachable neighborhoods. It’s a long list.


And it gives developers the flexibility to select the incentivized amenities and actions which consumers want and which also fit well in their projects.


It’s a sign of good things to come!


I hope you enjoyed this blog!

If you have any comments about the blog or want to know more about Genova, don’t be shy to call us at 239-948-2929








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