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Pull up a Chair…

Hello! The other day I was talking to my dad, who you may know as the designer/builder of Genova, saying how my morning jogs are boring. There’s just not much to run to near my neighborhood. Classic  suburbia… far from everything. That sparked an idea for a couple blogs on lifestyle and what Genova brings

Yes. Life Can Be a Beach !!!

Hello! Wow. It’s been a busy week in the Design Studio helping a bunch of home-buyers and keeping tabs on cabinets, tile, granite and a dozen other things. But I’m here to talk about something else. Yes, more fun than work. While a lot of things are happening at Genova there’s one super, never disappointing

The New Park Extension

Hello, Okay…okay, the Estero Community Park is not an extension of Genova, but it might as well be! It’s right next door on the both east side and south side. The reason I’ve brought it up is I was at the park the other day and with all the site work going on at Genova

Inside an Interview with the Boss

Hello! Got my hands on a recent, yet-to-be-published magazine interview of Jim Wallace, the sometimes outspoken designer/builder of Genova, Rapallo and Lighthouse Bay here in Estero and 3 other communities in Naples. Some interesting questions and some very interesting answers. So I decided to share! Q: How is Genova different than other communities you have

“Like Kids in a Candy Store”

Hi again, Well, you made up your mind…and bought a home. But even after you sign on the dotted line there’s still be so much to do, from deciding on the design theme for your new home to furniture placement to figuring out which of your neighbors is going to be the “chatty cat lady”


Hello! It has been a couple weeks since the ground-breaking ceremony and we’ve quickly gone to work on infrastructure. That’s everything so necessary (drainage, water, sewer, electrical, fiber optics, etc) but which you never see because we bury it all underground. Talking about below ground you never know what you’re going to find when you


Hello everyone! October 25th was a great day for everyone at Genova. It marked the official ground-breaking. Jim Wallace, joined by his partners, Andy Chelminski of Montreal (also a lifelong friend) and Brian Goguen of Barron Collier Companies in Naples along with Estero Mayor Nick Batos and the other members of the Estero Village Council