Okay…okay, the Estero Community Park is not an extension of Genova, but it might as well be! It’s right next door on the both east side and south side.

The reason I’ve brought it up is I was at the park the other day and with all the site work going on at Genova I suddenly realized there was truly nothing between the park and Genova. And that’s going to be incredible for the residents.

Here’s an aerial photo of the park, you can see Genova site-work in the background.

Genova Aerials - 1.2017-12

In fact the Genova clubhouse, fitness center, aerobics studio, resort pool and Olympic lap pool will be less than 100 feet from the park. And the bocce courts will run right along the property line.

In the past we’ve talked a lot about all the amenities near to Genova, like Coconut Point Town Center, Miromar Outlets, the Estero River and the beaches, but the one amenity less talked about, and sometimes underappreciated, is the Estero Community Park

The 55 acre park is open 7 days a week from “dawn” to 9:00pm and offers a long list of activities you can use to fill up a whole day (or week).

Outdoors the park has a 5K cross-country course for morning walks or jogs. There’s also several lakes, picnic areas, pavilions and an unbelievably huge children’s playground. Plus well-lit sporting courts for bocce, sand volleyball and disc golf.


Have to admit I’d never heard of disc golf. Looks a lot more difficult then throwing around a frisbie.

On the west side of the park is the 40,000 sq. ft. recreation building with three full-size basketball/volleyball courts, a computer lab and learning studios for dance lessons and art classes. Yes with a kiln.

In fact, this is home to the Estero Art League.

Artist Lady comks15390_6

You can also get your “art on” at the amphitheater-on-the-green concerts or the historical museum 1904 schoolhouse.

And “Browser” will love the dog park and wash.

Did I mention park membership is only $10 a year. You can barely get lunch for that these days.

You can find class and event schedules on the Estero Community Park website and Estero Life magazine.

For Genova residents you’ll be able to walk straight into the park from Genova through one of our two pedestrian gates. And your Genova club card will get you back home. Just remember the pedestrian gates are closed after park hours!

Now if all that and the Club at Genova doesn’t keep you busy…you never sleep.

Thank you for reading.

If you’d like more info go to genova-florida.com or take a virtual tour at our Genova Sales Center, open every day 9:00 -5:30, at 9510 Corkscrew Palms Circle #1 in Estero, just off Corkscrew Road at the entrance to Estero Community Park or you can call Debbi or Karen at (239) 948-2929.