Yes! Exciting! The clubhouse is almost finished.

Reminds me…had my own clubhouse once…about 17 years ago

My dad, sister and I built a “kids” clubhouse up on the ridge overlooking the lake at the summer cottage. It was cool but about as much wilderness as this 10-year-old was looking for…“middle of the woods surrounded by scary wild animals”.

That’s definitely not what’s being built here at Genova.

The Genova clubhouse does overlook the lake but it’s 15,000 sq ft and it’s going to be absolutely beautiful.

What’s not to like! Italianate design with classic clock tower, chaise lounges on the sundeck overlooking the lake with sensational sunset views and a curved 80 ft beach-edge resort pool.

If that sounds good…wait…some people think the best is what’s happening inside.

– a clubroom with catering kitchen

– a fitness center with full-time trainer plus massage and sauna

– an aerobics studio for floor exercise and dance

– an indoor 25-meter Olympic pool.

And there’s a open central breeze-way inter-connecting everything.

So, if you’re not an avid golfer or tennis player (like me and 4 out of 5 other people) but you still want the club lifestyle Genova has just about everything you could ask for.

As a bonus, club membership is included… no equity fees, no club dues, no monthly minimums and no CDD tax.

Now who doesn’t like saving money?

2019 condo fees are about $7,000 a year including insurance, water, sewer, pest, cable, landscape and building maintenance, all the club facilities and staff, plus reserves for future repairs. Virtually everything except your taxes and electricity.

Enjoying the blog? Hope so. I really like checking-out what’s going on and sharing it with you. And its wonderful hearing back from people on the blog or our Facebook page.

So, don’t be shy. Comments, questions or advice are greatly appreciated.

And if you want more info on Genova you can contact us anytime at 239-948-2929 or 239-216-0638 or at

Thanks! Talk soon.