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“Absolutely Not Your Everyday Clubhouse”

Yes! Exciting! The clubhouse is almost finished. Reminds me…had my own clubhouse once…about 17 years ago My dad, sister and I built a “kids” clubhouse up on the ridge overlooking the lake at the summer cottage. It was cool but about as much wilderness as this 10-year-old was looking for…“middle of the woods surrounded by

Healthy Heart Lifestyle at Genova

February is American Heart Month and like many Americans, we are always looking for positive ways to impact our heart health. The Genova lifestyle offers its residents several recreational opportunities to improve heart health. Genova’s 17-acre campus is perfect for brisk morning or evening walks. The main road encircles the three lakes and all six

Getting Built Just to Spoil You!

Have you driven down Via Coconut Point Road recently? If so, I’m sure you’ve noticed the first Genova condo building now has folks living there…the second Genova building is close to finished…and the third is now concrete and steel rising up 300 feet along the road. But tucked away on the east side of the

The Design Center Switcharoo

Well… I finally got the upgrade I’ve always been dreaming about. No it’s not a Tesla, a private jet or even a puppy. It’s an office with a window! Joking aside, with Building A complete, the sales team moved to one of the Rosso villas and now the Design Center (“my place”) has moved to

They’re here! They’re here! All 36.

Yes. I’m back! Back with big news! The Genova gatehouse and first condo building are complete and the owners have moved in! This may be a bit of old news to anyone driving by or living here but the guard’s in the gatehouse 24/7, Building A is now finished and all 36 homeowners are living

Genova Gets Its Colors

Hi.  Exciting news... after 10 months of construction dust the outside of the first building at Genova has paint. Actually lots of paint. The look is pretty bold with its 7 contrasting Mediterranean colors. Now you really notice it…a dramatic new structure rising up 45 feet along Via Coconut Point Road in Estero. The color

The Inside Story (What’s the Big Deal?!?)

When it comes to homes, everyone talks a lot about the architecture and finishes…things you can see. However what we (more specifically me in my blog) need to shed more light on is what you CAN’T see. No, we’re not talking about hidden passages.  We’re talking about is the physical construction of a building…the stuff

Everyone’s a Designer at Heart…So Go For It!

Hello! A lot of good things happened at Genova (so far) this year. Building A  is now about 70% complete (finishing drywall and painting the exterior), sales are exactly where we want them to be (115 of the 131 released for sale are under contract)… and they haven’t gotten rid of me yet.  Maybe that’s

Meet your Neighbors…Annette Gordon

Today, we continue our Meet Your Neighbors series with an absolutely lovely lady, Annette Gordon! Annette and I sat down for a few minutes to chat before we went to check out her condo under construction. On a side note I hope buyers who has gone on a tour of Building A  enjoyed it! I’ve

What Is That Little Building With The Tall Tower?

  You may have seen Genova’s first 4-story residential building rise up floor-by-floor over the past 5 months. It’s a mountain of concrete 45 feet tall and well over an acre in size. Now the roof trusses, plywood sheathing, impervious roof membrane and windows are being installed. But there’s a much smaller one-story building on