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Construction Update #1

As promised this is the first of my monthly construction-update blogs.


We came through the hurricane without damage. The only loss we experienced was 9 days in the schedule. So Building A will now be completed later in February and Building B in late June or early July.

Here’s a quick update on where we are as of today:
(1) all the underground utilities are completed and approved.
(2) all the underground and courtyard level rough-in of MEP is complete on Building A (3) the concrete deck of the penthouse level has been poured and virtually all the exterior block wall is laid.
(4) the garage MEP and framing is completed
(5) the metal framing of the condos on the courtyard level has begun.
(6) the first of the roof trusses are on-site.
(7) the gatehouse foundation and wall block is complete and wall block is going up on the tower.

Now here’s what’s scheduled for October:
(1) The structural “shell” of the building, which includes trusses, should be completed by October 16th.
(2) next week as soon as the unit interior walls and ceilings are framed on the courtyard level the mechanicals (air-conditioning and venting) will start.
(3) window installation will start the week of  October 16th.


(1) Vibro underground soil stabilization is complete.
(2) foundation forming scheduled to start October 2nd.
(3) MEP underground will start mid-October.


(1) permit drawings are being finalized
(2) swimming pools scheduled to start in December. Yes the indoor pool shell must be constructed prior to the building.
(3) the clubhouse building will start in February.


That’s it. Know you’re all impatient to move in but it won’t be long before we’re sitting on the courtyard sipping a delicious Gavi.
If you have any comments please send them.


Talk soon.



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  1. Wanda P. October 11, 2017 at 12:35 am - Reply

    Thanks Kevin,
    Very clear and informative and much appreciated.

    For the next construction update, could you perhaps caption the photos so we know exactly what we’re looking at?
    i.e. Looking east – Building A showing garage, plaza, etc or On the right of the lake, midway along is the site of the future clubhouse? Or something along those lines. Just a thought? Good photos though…
    Thanks again for all the info…helps make the waiting easier somehow…

  2. Donna and Beirne Brown September 29, 2017 at 7:35 pm - Reply

    Looks beautiful. Thanks very much for the update. We are excited. Also we saw your wall sculpting and really like it. Please keep up with the updates. We appreciate knowing what is happening and the process.
    All the best,
    Donna and Beirne Brown

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