A lot of good things happened at Genova (so far) this year. Building A  is now about 70% complete (finishing drywall and painting the exterior), sales are exactly where we want them to be (115 of the 131 released for sale are under contract)… and they haven’t gotten rid of me yet.  Maybe that’s because one of the best things has been our Design Studio (where everyone can browse, chat and customize their new condo).

Now I know that might read a little cheesy (and it is) and  I also know it might be a little bias because Debbi and I run the Design Studio, but you’re going to have to take my word for it.

We’re not talking about “picking upgrades”. This is much more creative. We’re talking about creating a lifestyle  statement (floor plan layout options to respond to how you live), then deciding on a décor theme (the look and feel you’re after), then browsing through over 300 finish option for every floor plan. These are the creative parts of moving into Genova…designing a unique home…as custom as you want it (we even let you move some of the walls).


End result…100% custom function, look and feel…without the “custom-home” sticker shock.

Our standard features are a grade above most developments (I won’t name any names) and our options take it to a level uniquely Genova. All created in easy steps so you can spend as much or as little as you want. Examples…we offer 3 kitchen island layouts, a choice of sink and cook-top locations, 8 levels of cabinetry, 7 levels of countertops, 9 levels of tile, 5 levels of wood, 6 levels of appliances, 6 levels of Kohler fixtures, 4 different solid-core door styles and 4 levels of trim, 3 crown-molding designs, 3 coffer designs, 5 wall-sculpting designs..

The list is endless… if I remember correctly, we have over 8 billion options… OK it only feels like 8 billion the first time you visit to browse. I still can’t remember all the options.

And we’re here at the Design Studio 6 days a week (weekdays and Saturday) to share it all with our homebuyers.

BTW – We just recently added a new page of our website about our interiors, check it out!


Thank you all for reading! Another blog will be up in a week about an exciting new addition to our Design Studio custom interiors.

You have any comments? Questions? Call 948-2929 and ask for Debbi or Karen about anything  Genova.