The other day I was walking the site looking for a few photos for this blog page and some other upcoming ideas! They came out very nice.

I was standing on what will soon be the roundabout at the main entry. All around me was this beautiful, hand-laid stone retaining wall.

As I stood there with my elbows on the wall, I gazed across the lake to the stone wall on the other side of the lake…hey that’s the stone wall for the resort pool and sundeck at the clubhouse. It was finished except for the balustrade. Looked spectacular. Here’s a photo.

Genova PHOTO - Retaining Wall4 - 1-27-17

It was fascinating…in an amusing way. The lake looked a lot wider than it looked on paper. And the retaining wall looks a lot longer. But, then again, it’s almost as long as a football field so it should look long.

It was a really cool feeling…seeing “for real” what I had only seen on paper and virtual reality for 18 months. Now it was built. And the groundwater was rising back up in the lake.

So I saw it first and I want everyone to know. When there’s water in the resort pool I’ve got first rights.

I know, I know, residents first.

For those who are new to our blogs or didn’t read the first one, here are some nice tid-bits about the Club at Genova!

The Club is all about health, sports, leisure, learning and making friends,

The clubhouse is designed into 5 integrated areas – the clubroom, catering kitchen and staff offices, the resort pool and sundeck overlooking the lake, the fitness center, massage and saunas, the aerobics studio and lastly, the indoor Olympic lap pool.

And just across the parking are the bocce courts and the private pedestrian gate to Estero Community Park.

Amenity area

As you can see the clubhouse, resort pool and sundeck are much larger than you’d expect in a community of 205 homes.

Definitely space to party after your day-in-the-sun, dip-in-the-pool, work-out and sauna!

The fitness center is also “full-size”, the same size as Rapallo (with 540 homes). And it’s fully staffed for clinics and private work-outs with cardio, Cybex and weights.

Next to fitness is the aerobics studio for Zumba, floor exercise and dance classes.

Perhaps the most spectacular facility is the indoor Olympic 25-meter lap pool. Perfect for your daily swim regimen, not-so-serious wate- volleyball and aqua-fitness classes. That’s me – I love to swim.

Another thing I really like – if you need someone, the activities director, fitness director, maintenance staff and general manager are all on-staff, located at the clubhouse not at some off-site property manager’s office where you need an appointment.

I’ll be posting more news and construction pics as I take them. But remember I’ve got first dibs on the pool.

Hope you enjoyed the blog!

Please send me your comments or questions about the club. And if you’re interested in Genova don’t hesitate to contact Debbi or Karen at 239-948-2929.

Talk soon.