Hi.  Exciting news… after 10 months of construction dust the outside of the first building at Genova has paint. Actually lots of paint. The look is pretty bold with its 7 contrasting Mediterranean colors. Now you really notice it…a dramatic new structure rising up 45 feet along Via Coconut Point Road in Estero.

The color palette was selected from Liguria, Italy…the Italian Riviera where the original 6,000 year old seaport of Genova is located.

I asked my dad, Jim Wallace, the designer/builder of Genova why he created it like he did.

As always he had lots to say about his work. And he’s very passionate about it. “As you know I’ve been to Liguria, Italy dozens of times over the past 34 years. It truly inspires you. The architecture, the sea, the coastal lifestyle and the people…it all just fills you up. So, like I did at Rapallo, I had to translate that feeling into my latest community…Genova.”

“Not just in the architectural design but in everything. My friend and collaborator, Carl Gruber, and I borrowed the look from the Strada Nuova, the neighborhood piazza from Santa Margherita and mixed it with that magical Italian attitude and lifestyle.”

Not surprising (if you know him) he continued “In the coastal towns and cities of the Riviera, the color breaks are wonderfully vertical and contrasting…totally unlike the muted monotones of neighboring Tuscany. I think of it as the sounds of waves crashing on the rocks versus the sound of grapes growing. Tuscany is very quiet. The Riviera is never quiet. It’s always alive. That’s why I love it.”


“And unlike the one or two-story buildings of Tuscany the Ligurian buildings of the Cinque Terra, Portofino, Rapallo and Genova are 4 stories and higher…pinched up against the mountains by the sea”.

Genova here in Estero, Florida is also 4-story with 3 residential levels over parking. There will be a total of 205 luxury condos in 6 courtyard buildings overlooking a lake on 17 acres in the heart of Estero (think shopping, dining, entertainment, sports, learning).

The condos are 2 bed/2 bath, 3 bed/2 bath and 4 bed/3 bath from 1300 to 2200 A/C sq. ft. in elevator buildings. Every condo has a private two-car garage. Every residence overlooks a landscaped, two-story atrium courtyard (think piazza). And every building overlooks the lake.

No. It’s not the Riviera but it’s pretty special. I’ve walked the building a bunch of times. The courtyard is spectacular.

The first residents should be moving in this May.  Wish I’d bought one.

Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any question on the condos at Genova you can call Debbi or Karen a (239) 948-2929.

Talk Soon.