When it comes to homes, everyone talks a lot about the architecture and finishes…things you can see. However what we (more specifically me in my blog) need to shed more light on is what you CAN’T see.

No, we’re not talking about hidden passages.  We’re talking about is the physical construction of a building…the stuff BEHIND THE WALLS.  That’s where most of the money is spent and it’s where quality starts.

Now I hear you asking “OK Kevin, concrete’s not exactly pretty and fun so what’s the big deal about the 100% masonry structures at Genova?

It’s simple. Concrete doesn’t rot.

Almost all buildings use wood for decorative elements like arches, towers and faux chimneys. But wood and concrete expand and contract at different rates. So you get stucco cracks between them… water gets in and the wood rots over time. It doesn’t take long.

That means ripping out and replacing all those arches, towers and chimneys in 8 or 10 years. A lot of money AND EVEN WORSE… the inconvenience. Who wants to live on a courtyard with scaffolding, workers, debris  and globs of falling stucco mud for 6 or 8 months? No, thank you.

That’s the big deal about the 100% masonry buildings at Genova.

From the underground footers to the tie-beam supporting the roof trusses…there isn’t a stick of wood. Every arch is poured concrete. Every tower and chimney is one concrete wall. So when Mother Nature (think wind, rain and, of course, Hurricane Irma) comes calling you want to be living inside a Genova building.

Speaking of inside, there’s a bunch of other things “behind the walls” at Genova you should care about. All the interior walls are framed with metal (again, not wood) on 16” centers to give you a better finished look… and all the walls (even the closets) are sound insulated to keep every room of your home extra quiet.

And I mean extra quiet. While walking Building A the other day I noticed how, even with construction noise, the building was eerily quiet. Not even a hint of the cars driving by on Via Coconut Point Road. That’s due to the combination of concrete block exterior walls and 130mph hurricane-rated impact glass windows everywhere. Safe and quiet…that’s an even bigger deal.

Thanks for reading! Hope it gave you an inside (yes, a pun) look.

And hope to see you at the design center!

If you have any questions about Genova, don’t hesitate to contact Karen or Debbi at 239-948-2929