Hello! This is a very, very overdue blog post.

I apologize for the long gaps in-between blogs but I’ve been swamped at the design studio the past few months.

I know…that’s no excuse.

Now that my apology is out-of-the-way…something really big happened recently. Everyone at Genova is very excited.

After 18 months of zoning and development submissions and re-submissions Genova has finally and unanimously been approved by the Village of Estero.

Part of the reason the Village Council liked Genova wasits inclusion of public green-space along the edge of the community including a linear park, a pocket park, lakeside sitting areas, landscaped medians on Via Coconut Point Road and a contribution to the new entry road to Estero Community Park.

The approval comes after Village of Estero delayed Genova’s zoning for almost a year while it created a Village Center and rewrote its Comprehensive Land Use Plan and its Land Development Code.

The other good news is Estero approved 15 of the 16 deviations we requested so Genova is going to be built as designed.

Genova CP - Indoor Lap Pool

So the biggest hurdle is finally behind us. Now we can concentrate on getting shovels in the ground. Yes they’re big shovels.

“When?” you ask. We should get our Development Order by mid-September so we’re planning to break ground and start site work in early October and go vertical two months after. We’ll post a blog when we have an official date.

It’s been a long road. But in the end it’s been worth it.

Genova VR - Campanella - Living Kitchen Dining Foyer

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Leave a comment below (yes I get paid by the comment!). Again I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted.

If you have any interest in Genova call Debbi or Karen at (239) 948-2929.

Thanks. Talk soon.