Genova VR - Doria - Kitchen, Dining & Living

Hi again,

Well, you made up your mind…and bought a home. But even after you sign on the dotted line there’s still be so much to do, from deciding on the design theme for your new home to furniture placement to figuring out which of your neighbors is going to be the “chatty cat lady”

Here’s the good news. While Genova can’t help you with furniture (or cats) what we can do is help you on the function and feel of your new abode. And I’m your guide.

The Genova Design Studio opened last February and so far has helped almost 70 homebuyers browse through hundreds of finish options…matching shapes, materials and colors to their individual tastes and lifestyle.

We encourage everyone to “come-in-and-browse” at least a couple of times before they meet with one of the Clive Daniels designers we’ve hired to help you put it all together (btw-the Clive Daniels people are all wonderful – very talented and patient).

To help us help you through the maze of options we send you a brief questionnaire to get a “general idea” of your needs, your lifestyle and your décor preferences. We want your time in the design studio to be as relaxed, informative and productive as possible.

There’s a lot to look at. We have almost 2,000 finish options for each of our 7 floor plans…from kitchen sinks to faucets to cabinetry to countertops to exhaust hoods to backsplash to appliances to tile and wood to crown and trim to lighting and paint colors.

Just about everything you can think of…and then some.


And when I see our homebuyers here at the design studio it’s like “kids in a candy store”. Although most of them have owned 4 or 5 homes over the years, many have never purchased a new-construction home so selecting everything is like a dream.  Creating you own special place is…almost magical

Bonus. There’s no minimum or maximum you have to spend. Some folks spend as little as $10,000 and a few folks spend over $100,000. How much you spend isn’t important. All that matters is you love it when you’re done.

That’s what makes it so much fun working here. I get to see you leaving happy.

And you get to hang-out with me

Here’s how it works. After you’ve browsed the design studio enough to feel comfortable and narrow your choices (for some that’s once, for others that’s a dozen times) you and I agree on a convenient appointment for you to meet with one of the Clive Daniel designers (either mornings or afternoons) to sit down, talk about lifestyle and get to know your goals, preferences and aversions.

Then the real fun begins.

The option sheet is pretty long (over 60 pages) but “exploring the possibilities” is very exciting.. Will you play it safe? Or will you try something new and daring?

It’s totally up to you.

The Design Studio is just down the street from the Genova Sales Center on the second floor at 9450 Corkscrew Palms Circle.

See you here. Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions about Genova, its resort-lifestyle and luxury condos or about our design studio, don’t be shy to call Debbi or Karen at 239-948-2929