You may have seen Genova’s first 4-story residential building rise up floor-by-floor over the past 5 months. It’s a mountain of concrete 45 feet tall and well over an acre in size. Now the roof trusses, plywood sheathing, impervious roof membrane and windows are being installed.

But there’s a much smaller one-story building on Via Coconut Point Road just across the lake from Building  A  which hasn’t gotten much press but really deserves to. It’s a very important structure at Genova.

Something which sparks grandeur and gravitas and….okay maybe not grandeur…but the gatehouse is vital and its being built as we speak! But if you want to see it under construction, better look quick cuz its going up super fast.

The focal point of the gatehouse is the iconic  35 foot tower in front of it. The tower is our interpretation, albeit much smaller, of the world-famous Lanterna lighthouse at the harbor entry to Genova, Italy. Here’s a rough sketch of the concept.

The gatehouse is intentionally subdued when compared to some of the gatehouses at other Jim Wallace  communities.

It’s part of an innovative new design concept Jim calls “stealth security”. Instead of the typical “Medieval City” feeling of most Southwest walled communities Genova uses entry lakes, garage levels of condo buildings and fencing hidden in landscaping to create an invisible but secure perimeter without walls. And in keeping with that design philosophy the gatehouse is positioned to be secondary to the tower and entry landscaping.

Here’s a virtual reality aerial of the entry lakes, gatehouse and roundabout with the clubhouse in the background.

So Genova perimeter is woven into the public space of adjacent roadways and Estero Community Park. In short, a seamless edge…physically exclusive but  visually inclusive.

Right now it’s a work-in-progress of raw concrete and roof sheathing but as you can see from the design sketches, its going to look very cool, especially with the stone-wall round-a-bout behind it and the entry lakes on each side.

I’m really getting exciting as the pieces of Genova com together.

Are you?

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Please post your comments or questions. And If you have any questions regarding the Genova community don’t hesitate to contact Karen or Debbi at 239-948-2929