Who doesn’t like a bit of drama? No, not soap-opera TV kind of drama (unless that’s your thing!).  Today we’re talking about the visual arts in its many forms.

That could be but isn’t always something beautiful hanging on their wall. It’s also that playhouse Shakespearian vibe that’s so hard to replicate. It’s the quiet, elegant presence of a museum and the populous, noisy vibrancy of an outdoor art fest.

Here in Southwest Florida the visual arts have been flourishing for 30 years. ..exploding for the last 5.

So let’s take a quick look!

“Where” you ask? A great place to start is the Sugden Theatre in the heart of the restaurant district on Fifth Avenue in Naples (about 30 minutes from Genova). Local artists in fascinating portrayals of classics  and originals. A wonderful evening  of “early dinner and tickets to a play”. Perfect combination.

Check out the link below for what’s playing now.


Another popular venue is the Gulfshore Playhouse. What started in 2004 as a small non-profit theatre has grown to a professional theatrical company with original plays ranging from a comedy about trying to inherit a fortune to a statement putting cultural questions in the forefront. Open winter and spring months. Check out the link below!



The other faces of visual arts are painting and sculpture. The galleries are anywhere there’s a sidewalk and on-street parking but the best gallery row is Fifth Avenue in Naples. The stroll is worth it but bring your checkbook. None of it is pocket-money.

On the laid-back and more affordable are the art fests. There are two great ones..Fifth and Estero but the best is the Estero Art Festivals at Coconut Point (only a mile from Genova). They ramp up in September and continue weekly with over one hundred different artist’s work regularly to view or purchase. Need something for an empty wall or coffee table? You might find it here.

Here’s a link to upcoming events!


Another very creative spot close to Genova is the Art Center of Bonita Springs (about a 10-minute  drive or bike ride). The Art Center is a 10-acre complex hosting collections of local and  nationally known artwork to be viewed or purchased. But what makes the Art Center so special is it provides year-long programs for locals to express their talent and enjoy different styles of art, crafts, computer graphic design, and more!

Here’s their link


Wow! I could go on-and-on. This could be a 2000 word blog. There’s so many places I did not mention here. Just shows how vibrant the Estero community is and how much the arts have flourished in SWFL. However I don’t want to spoil it by listing them all! Go out and explore Estero!

Hope you enjoyed part two on The Arts. And keep in touch with this blog for more Genova/SWFL interesting “stuff”.

If you have any questions about GENOVA at Coconut Point, call 239-948-2929 and ask for Debbi or Karen

Thanks. Enjoy. Talk soon!