This month we’re trying something new…a series of blogs about future neighbors! We will be doing interviews of buyers at Genova…getting to know a bit about them.

As a nice perk for the interview, the buyers get to put on a hard hat and take an “after-hours” tour of their condo under construction. Pretty exciting!

Our first buyers are Pete and Midge Leonhardt.

Pete and Midge currently live at Belle Lago here in Estero. They’re both 62 years old and have been married for almost 40 years. They moved to Florida in 2006 from Hanover, Pennsylvania, retiring after operating a successful manufacturing business there. Midge was born in Hanover. Pete came to America as an infant from Frankfurt, Germany.

Their company, Leonhardt Manufacturing, was a family/employee owned business started by Pete’s dad, then taken over by Pete about 35 years ago and still operating today – specializing in industrial steel tubing primarily for vehicles and equipment.  I’m sure you know one of their best clients, Harley Davidson. You might even be riding around on a little piece of Leonhardt craftsmanship.

When you meet Pete and Midge you immediately sense these are “folks-on-the-go”. They enjoy outdoor activities like walking and bike riding, reading and shopping…in moderation.  Its obvious they love people. And people love them.  Anytime you run into someone from Belle Lago, they always seem to know Pete and Midge.

Pete and Midge were one of the early buyers at Genova, choosing a third floor Tursi in Building A. They were looking  to simplify their life, wanting to downsize from their  single family home, but also wanting to keep as many of the amenities they’d come to enjoy. Genova was the perfect fit for their lifestyle. And they love the architecture, floor plans and wide choice of optional finishes. It allowed them to create a new home truly theirs.

And who can complain about the two car garage… the beautiful courtyard atrium…and the club.

On a personal note, Pete and Midge are both very outgoing, lovely people. I really enjoyed interviewing them. I know you’ll enjoy them as neighbors.

So if you bump into them, don’t be shy…say “Hi!”

And look for more interviews of other future neighbors.

Talk  soon!

Hope you enjoyed the new blog. If you have any questions about Genova don’t hesitate to call us at 239-948-2929 and ask for Debbi or Karen