It has been a couple weeks since the ground-breaking ceremony and we’ve quickly gone to work on infrastructure. That’s everything so necessary (drainage, water, sewer, electrical, fiber optics, etc) but which you never see because we bury it all underground.
Talking about below ground you never know what you’re going to find when you start digging.. I was hoping for buried treasure…maybe Spanish gold. But so far we’ve only dug up part of an old truck.

The first thing on the site work agenda is digging dirt and laying storm-water drainage pipe. You can see all the RCP stacked in the photos…ready to go in the ground.
The good dirt from the lake excavation is being used to raise the building pads. The fill is installed, compacted and tested in layers to insure proper densities.
If you haven’t gone by the Genova site recently, it’s quite a sight! (pun intended). You don’t get a sense of the size of the track-hoes, dozers and trucks unless you’re standing next to them the tires are as tall as me). But if you go, remember it’s a felony to trespass on a construction site so stay outside of the silt fence.


Our VP Construction, John Debitetto, tells me we’re making good progress. He’s scheduled to go vertical on the first building in mid-December.
Very exciting. More info coming!
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If you have any questions about Genova or the construction, please don’t hesitate to call the office and ask for Debbi or Karen at 239-948-2929
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