The other day I was talking to my dad, who you may know as the designer/builder of Genova, saying how my morning jogs are boring. There’s just not much to run to near my neighborhood. Classic  suburbia… far from everything. That sparked an idea for a couple blogs on lifestyle and what Genova brings to the table.

Now that may sound a bit corny but I need to get my inspiration from somewhere. So don’t judge me on my methods.

When I think of the Florida lifestyle, I can’t help but think of “no snow” and year-round sunshine. It’s all about outdoor living (when you’re not working at the design studio or writing blogs). In past blogs we’ve  talked about the Gulf beaches (who doesn’t love the beach) but even the beach gets old.

Luckily in Estero there’s a ton of stuff to do outdoors. There’s the beautiful Estero Bay where you can enjoy back-water fishing next to the mangroves, day or half-day boat rentals and  jet skiing.

One thing I haven’t done yet but I’m told is breathtaking is kayaking the historic Estero River.

You can bring your own kayak and park-n-launch at Koreshan Park or you can rent kayaks at Estero Outfitters just off US 41 at the river bridge and travel from the Gulf of Mexico to about a mile east of US41. The experienced kayakers tell me if you check the tide schedule you can ride out and ride back with the tides. Its supposed to be an incredible half-day.

My favorite half-day is renting a pontoon boat at Baywater Rentals on Bonita Beach Road, grabbing a lazy lunch at Big Hickory then heading out to New Pass and its great shell-sand beach.

young man in red kayak in tropical destination

Of course when we talk outdoors golf and tennis also come to mind. As you probably know, the number of people playing golf has dropped 34% over the last decade so now only about 6% of seniors (over 50) play 25 rounds a year. And today only 5% play tennis regularly.

That’s great news for folks looking to play without paying equity fees and annual dues. Many private clubs are now semi-private. So coupled with public courses there’s now 16 golf courses you can play within 20 minutes of Genova. The same thing with tennis…there’s court times, even if you’re a 4.0 player.

And let’s not forget the outdoor facilities at Estero community Park (right next to Genova) and the miles and miles of bike paths and lanes running through Estero. Yes, we can always use more and the Village of Estero is working hard to make the Village  more walkable and bikable but right now let’s get outdoors and soak up the fresh air and sunshine.

Hey, talking about outdoors, how about sharing a nice bottle of red and a bite to eat at a sidewalk café? Estero has a bunch of great outdoor restaurants. Hey, another spark. Let’s review some of them in my next blog.

Thanks for reading today’s blog.

Pease send your comments (my bonus is based on the number of comments and I need the bonus to pay for boat rentals to New Pass. Of course I’m kidding!).

If you have any questions about locations for outdoor activities or  the Genova community or condos, don’t be shy to contact Debbi or Karen at 239-948-2929.