Well… I finally got the upgrade I’ve always been dreaming about.

No it’s not a Tesla, a private jet or even a puppy. It’s an office with a window!

Joking aside, with Building A complete, the sales team moved to one of the Rosso villas and now the Design Center (“my place”) has moved to the main building…lots more space and its surrounded with windows. And I’ll be here until Genova is complete.

The new Design Center is a lot bigger and better organized…with more room for everyone to browse, peruse their options and lay it out on the table, floor, ceiling, wherever they wish. Yes, I’m kidding about the ceiling. Think our buyers are going to love it.

It even comes equipped with its own bathroom! No more “down the hall”. And it’s got a thermostat where Monica, Kathleen and I can have a secret war over the temperature setting (Kathleen’s winning)

And bonus…I got Debbi’s old office…a corner office with windows.

So how did the new sales center turn out, you ask? Take a look.


I think it came out rather well. The Rosso villas were one of the last condos completed so I didn’t get to explore them as much as other homes in Genova. The kitchen feels nice and open. The sales team looks right at home. And locating the sales center here lets buyers get a good feel of the overall building.


Of course, if you’d like to take a look at all the finishes and options (over 300 per floor plan) and maybe witness the war of the thermostat (just kidding), come visit me in my new digs at 9510 Corkscrew Palm Circle.  If you have any other questions about Genova, don’t be shy. Call us at 239-948-2929!

Thanks! See you soon,