Ever seen concrete being poured?  No, not beer…concrete. I know…sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry.

But bright and early at two am last Saturday morning the Genova construction site could be seen from space when the first building was lit up like mid-day as Naples Concrete did a one-thousand-yard pour of the north section of the Genova courtyard deck.

It was a half-acre 14 inches thick …the first of 3 pours of the post-tension deck of Building A at Genova…

The historic pour took 6 long hours.   Actually 6 pours, each an hour long. A constant stream of concrete trucks, a pumper and, of course, the guys up on the deck making it happen.

Why historic? According to our Vice-president Contruction, John Debitetto “First 1000 cubic yards is a lot of concrete. Most pours that size take several days. Second it was done at night to ensure there were no weather problems particularly this time of year in Estero”. I missed the 2 am start…need my sleep too much.

Right about now you’re probably asking “What is post tension?”. Until I worked here I thought it was the week after final exams or the end of game 7 of the Stanley Cup.

Well… here’s the skinny…this is a photo below of the tension cables and other conduit laid out on the deck prior to the pour.

These cables remain in their precise location within the finished concrete pour to structurally reinforce the deck forever. After the pour the cables are tightened to create vertical tension. It all takes some very smart engineers to design it. Well above my math grade.

Fascinating stuff. Very fun to be apart of it.

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Thank you!