Yes. I’m back! Back with big news! The Genova gatehouse and first condo building are complete and the owners have moved in!
This may be a bit of old news to anyone driving by or living here but the guard’s in the gatehouse 24/7, Building A is now finished and all 36 homeowners are living here. There were a few learning experiences (false fire alarm one evening) but overall it has been a huge success!

There’s a joke the first month of anything is a trial. Sorry…can’t remember the joke but the last month actually went incredibly smooth.

It’s a huge milestone for the Genova team and the 36 owners. I think some of the owners were actually crying with joy. Several had waited over 2 years to move in…some had sold their home and were renting at Rapallo…waiting anxiously for this big day.
It’s been a long, long time coming. The 13-month delay in zoning was totally unexpected but almost all the owners were very patient and all the owners have said the finished building, the lifestyle and their home was worth the wait. That’s the big take-away for us here at Genova Partners.
Now its full-steam ahead.
I was lucky enough to see many of those happy faces when owners first walked into their new home. Our superintendent Tom Talley (Tommy to everyone) and I did the owner orientation walk-throughs for each condo. It was very gratifying seeing folks I haven’t seen since they selected their finishes and options at our design studio. It’s crazy how things can change…yet so they stay the same. Relationships can be like that.
The walkthroughs weren’t perfect…very little in life ever is. But our contractors jumped on it and overall I think it went very well. It was a huge learning experience for me since I have never closed a building before. Now I’m excited to do Building B later this fall.

So what’s next? Well…our main objective is finishing Building B, the clubhouse and the pools. Building C is rising-up fast. And Building D will start in a few months. Also, keep your ears to the ground…I heard through the grapevine Building E may be released for sale this month.
Talking about something coming soon. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog. The blog section of the website is filled with cobwebs…my apology. I’m committed to do better. Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions about Genova contact Karen or Debbi at 239-948-292