Wow. It’s been a busy week in the Design Studio helping a bunch of home-buyers and keeping tabs on cabinets, tile, granite and a dozen other things.
But I’m here to talk about something else. Yes, more fun than work.
While a lot of things are happening at Genova there’s one super, never disappointing part of living in Florida.
No, it’s not 300 plus days of sunshine. And no, it’s not zero income tax… although both of those are great.
It’s the beaches.
Now I have written blogs about beaches before. But last Sunday I rented a deck-boat on Bonita Beach Road and took a trip out on the backwaters of Estero Bay, stopping at Big Hickory for their famous fried calamari and grouper tacos lunch, then wandering amongst the mangroves before beaching the boat at New Pass, walking the beach and chilling the whole afternoon.
I’d forgotten how absolutely breathtaking the gulf beaches are.
So I figured its time to revisit best beaches in the blog.
There are several beautiful beaches in Southwest Florida, from Sanibel and Lover’s Key in the north to Vanderbilt and Delnor Wiggins in the south.
Luckily for all of us at Genova there are two incredible beaches within ten miles. About 20 minutes by car. Of course I’m talking about Bonita Beach and Barefoot Beach.
Bonita Beach also has Doc’s restaurant …great place to chill with margeritas and wings. It looks cool from the air! Think this must have been shot para-sailing.
Genova Aerials - 1.2017-18
I could hang there every day! At Doc’s and the para-sail.
And Barefoot Beach is the most pristine, tranquil State Park beach I know. Beautifully maintained by the rangers. And no development. Just sea oats, gentle breezes and silence except for the waves and gulls. Simply paradise.
The best thing about Florida has always been its year-rouns outdoor lifestyle. When its sunny every day..makes you want to go outdoors everyday..and these beaches are the best place to do it.
It’s something I wish I did more often. Need you to write a comment telling the boss to give me more time off…for another boat trip to New Pass.
Thank you for reading this blog. If you have any questions regarding Genova or its surrounding beaches please don’t hesitate to call Debbi or Karen at 239-249-2590