How to Know When It’s Time to Downsize | Five Signs You’re Ready

How to Know When It’s Time to Downsize | Five Signs You’re Ready

Many retirees are looking forward to a life ripe with freedom. But freedom can be fleeting if you’re in a house that’s too big for you to manage. But with that big house come memories, a sense of belonging and an unwillingness to make a change.  The big question for many is just when is the right time in your life to downsize? Here are five signs you’re ready.

Retiring to Genova Luxury Condos

You’re feeling overwhelmed with maintenance

Whether you’re 30 years old or 60, you want a clean house and one that is well taken care of. If you’re nervous about getting up on a ladder to fix broken roof tiles and calling someone out to perform the repairs for you is a hassle, perhaps it’s time to consider downsizing. Condominium communities’ homeowners’ associations will handle all repairs and maintenance throughout your community, so you don’t have to.

You have unused rooms

If you haven’t used the office or spare bedroom for a very long time, it could be time to downsize. Not only do the extra rooms lead to excess maintenance, but they also rack up extra costs in terms of property taxes and utilities.

Retiring to Genova Luxury Condos

You’re often away from home

If you’re spending your retirement reliving your glory days and traveling frequently to visit family or friends, what’s the point of having a big beautiful home if you’re never in it? Downsizing is your best option to focus more on where you want to go next and save money on property taxes and other large home maintenance expenses.

You’re looking to save some money

Many homes, especially in Southwest Florida, are located in gated golf and country club communities. Oftentimes with club dues that are high. By downsizing to a condominium, you’ll never have to worry about those ridiculously high club fees again. Not to mention, many families are looking for larger homes themselves.  You can capitalize on that by selling your large home to a family who could really use the extra space.

You’ve recently retired

If you’ve recently retired, your kids have been out of the house for a while and you’re no longer tied to a location because of your career, it may be time to downsize. Change is good and it can be refreshing. You now have the freedom to choose a new place to continue writing your story!

Downsizing can be a difficult and somewhat tricky decision to make. We hope that this piece has made your decision a little easier. We can offer you even more solace by providing the perfect location to downsize in Southwest Florida at Genova luxury condos. Located in the heart of Estero, Florida, this new construction condominium community consists of just 205 luxury residences. Priced from the mid $300s to $700s, Genova is pet-friendly and offers open-concept floor plans, gourmet island kitchens, private master and guest suites and spacious outdoor living, all of which was inspired by the Italian Riviera. Plus, there’s no equity fees, club fees or CDD tax. Ever. For more information, browse our website, call (239) 948-2929 or email