The Longest Pour

Hello! Ever seen concrete being poured?  No, not beer…concrete. I know…sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry. But bright and early at two am last Saturday morning the Genova construction site could be seen from space when the first building was lit up like mid-day

Pull up a Chair…

Hello! The other day I was talking to my dad, who you may know as the designer/builder of Genova, saying how my morning jogs are boring. There’s just not much to run to near my neighborhood. Classic  suburbia… far from everything. That sparked an idea for

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Hello! It has been a couple weeks since the ground-breaking ceremony and we’ve quickly gone to work on infrastructure. That’s everything so necessary (drainage, water, sewer, electrical, fiber optics, etc) but which you never see because we bury it all underground. Talking about below ground you

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Hello everyone! October 25th was a great day for everyone at Genova. It marked the official ground-breaking. Jim Wallace, joined by his partners, Andy Chelminski of Montreal (also a lifelong friend) and Brian Goguen of Barron Collier Companies in Naples along with Estero Mayor Nick Batos

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